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On October 21st, Beijing time, tonight, Guangzhou Evergrande and Hebei China Fortune will start the first round of the Chinese Super League Championship. Evergrande, who won 3-1 in the first round, is looking forward to advancement. Fans can watch this more easily. Before this game, the Evergrande football stadium, which fans care most about, had the latest news, and the lighting effects film of Evergrande’s new stadium was amazing!


In July this year, the Evergrande Football Stadium design proposal was unanimously approved by the Guangzhou Urban Planning Commission. The design proposal is very modern and technological, and will also create 5 worlds: the world’s largest scale, the highest grade, and the most complete supporting facilities. , The world's top professional football stadium with the highest technological content and the largest number of seats! It also made players and fans exclaimed: it’s so beautiful

今年7月,恒大足球场的设计方案被广州市计委一致批准。设计方案非常现代和技术,还将创建5个世界:世界上最大的规模,最高的等级和最完善的支持设施。 ,技术含量最高,座位数量最多的世界顶级职业足球场!这也让球员和球迷惊叹不已:它是如此的美丽

Now, the lighting effect film of Evergrande Football Stadium is refreshing again! Under the bright lights, the Evergrande football stadium can be presented in multiple angles and colors. The magnificent architecture and the dazzling lighting complement each other. It has a sense of technology, fashion, and future. It presents a beautiful and exquisite experience to the fans. The visual feast.


"Either do nothing, do the best", this has always been the principle of Evergrande. This time, in order to build the most perfect world-class professional football stadium, Evergrande invited 8 international top masters to organize several rounds of plan design comparisons. I chose the plan of the top American master Hasan. A. Syed. The plan means "lotus crown", inspired by "double stilt lotus", meaning "nobleness, tenacity, unity" Chinese traditional cultural character, and "lotus blooming" , Winning the laurels in a row" vision.


The appearance of the project adopts modern morphological techniques to cut gem-like multi-faceted, which is very technological and futuristic. Each unit is in an upwardly extending geometric form, which is more like a champion trophy connected side by side, symbolizing the majestic victory of the trophy. power. The new stadium will not only be Guangzhou’s city landmark and business card, but also embodies China’s ambitious dream of becoming a football power. At present, the plan has been approved by the Guangzhou Urban Planning Commission. After completion, it will become the best stadium in the world. A new business card for the city.


Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium is adjacent to Guangzhou South Railway Station. It has a total investment of 12 billion yuan and a building area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. It can accommodate 100,000 people to watch the game. In addition to the five largest in the world, Evergrande Football Stadium is the most valuable One point is: it will become the world’s first sports and cultural complex, which is of epoch-making significance in China and even in the world. It is reported that the new stadium plans 122 categories in 8 business formats, including children’s world, international cuisine, culture and entertainment, and sports. The sports and cultural complex with the highest grade, the most complete categories and the most popular is planned to be completed and put into use before the end of 2022.


We can also imagine one day in the future. After the completion of the Evergrande football stadium, fans can not only watch the football on the stadium, but also shop and eat. They can get the ultimate watching experience. The team can also use these income to feed back the football. , Let Evergrande truly advance towards the goal of a century-old club.

我们还可以想象未来的一天。恒大足球场建成后,球迷不仅可以在体育场观看足球比赛,还可以购物和用餐。他们可以获得终极的观看体验。球队也可以用这些收入来反馈足球。 ,让恒大真正迈向拥有百年历史的俱乐部的目标。

More importantly, with the construction of the Evergrande football stadium, some insiders believe that since 1930, the 21 World Cup has been successfully held in 17 countries, but Asian countries have only held one, that is, South Korea and Japan in 2002. World Cup. As more and more large-scale football matches such as the World Club Cup and the Asian Cup come to China, China needs more world-class professional football stadiums like Evergrande to show the world the Chinese football culture and charm!


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